EffectivePro is monitoring software that helps business to reduce legal liabilities such as sexual harassment and illegal online activities in the workplace.  EffectivePro also prevents excessive personal web surfing on company time, overspending on software licenses that are not used, and theft of computer hardware and company proprietary information.

  • EffectivePro enables you to remotely monitor in real-time what employees are doing on work computers inside or outside the company firewall
  • You can remotely control your employees’ computers from any Internet connection
  • EffectivePro sends you a text message or an email the instant a computer usage rule is broken
  • It can block programs and web sites
  • EffectivePro logs screenshots, keystrokes, logins, web sites and programs on a remote secure server where it can’t be erased
  • It generates reports to help you identify problem employees
  • EffectivePro provides reports to determine software usage so you can save money on licensing costs
  • It creates reports to identify trends in rule violations, web site usage, wasted time and much more so you can adjust your policies
  • EffectivePro provides sub-accounts so that monitoring can be assigned to system administrators with customizable permissions
  • The software organizes computers into groups and subgroups for managing hundreds or thousands of computers
  • Online tools support bulk computer registration and sub-account setup.
  • We can provide the server so you don’t have to configure your own.
  • EffectivePro is the ONLY monitoring solution with patent pending tamperproof technology to keep employees from disabling it.  There is no point in purchasing monitoring software, if your employees can easily disable or bypass it.
  • EffectivePro can be customized to meet your business needs.  Whether you have a small business or a large corporation, EffectivePro will help your employees be more effective.
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