Pornography Use and Corporate Reputation

Are your employees viewing pornography during customer meetings? How can you know if they are attending the meetings off-site, outside of the corporate firewall? The cost of losing a customer contract as a result, and the cost of damaging your company’s reputation, can be staggering. Inline network filters are worthless for protecting you from these types of situations. Does your company have a traveling sales force? Do your employees meet with customers away from your company? If so, you need EffectivePro. EffectivePro will monitor employee computers or laptops inside or outside the company firewall. Since EffectivePro is web-based, you can check up on their computer activities in real-time. Remotely control situations that need to be addressed. Run reports to find company computer policy violators. Prevent employees from doing inappropriate web surfing during work time when they are in or out of the office with EffectivePro.

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