Illegal Online Activities on Company Computers

Your business could be liable for the online actions of your employees, if you allow illegal computer activities to happen in the work place. For example, a few years ago, a US company was convicted of two felony charges and had to pay $100 million for allowing sensitive information to be sent to foreign countries. If an employee downloads and views pornography where other employees can see it, it could result in a sexual harassment lawsuit. If an employee orders illegal drugs from a work computer, and has them shipped to his or her office, even if the company is not found guilty, it could be damaging to your business reputation to see a team of DEA agents storm your office building on the six o’clock news. An employee could download and distribute child pornography, hack a financial institution, cyberbully a co-worker, release personal information about clients, distribute intellectual property to a competitor, operate an illegal gambling website, run a fraudulent Internet scheme, the list goes on and on. If these activities are allowed to happen at work, then the company could be liable or at least their reputation will be damaged. EffectivePro employee monitoring software provides power reports that summarize activities by employees that could be illegal so that situations can be handled before it is too late.

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