Inline Internet Filters Are Not Enough

Blocking websites with a centralized network filter, or inline Internet filter, is only effective to a point. It prevents accidental loading of unauthorized websites, such as pornography, bandwidth intensive, illegal, virus infected, or time wasting websites. However, if an employee wants to bypass centralized network filtering they will figure out a way. There are a number of techniques such as proxy avoidance or virtual tunneling that will spoof the inline filter into thinking the website being loaded is different than the one actually being accessed. Even legitimate websites like Google Translate can be used for loading a website through a different Internet address. Employees may pick-up a nearby Wi-Fi signal or tether their cell phone to their work computer, bypassing the inline filter altogether. In addition to inline filters, businesses need to use client-based Internet filters such as EffectivePro. EffectivePro not only blocks websites, but also keeps a history of online activities so that filtering rules can be adapted to meet new threats. In addition, EffectivePro can be used to identify problem situations with excessive personal web surfing at work.

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