Invasion of Privacy or Good Business Sense

Some companies are reluctant to use employee monitoring software. They think their employees will resent it as an invasion of privacy. At the same time, most companies don’t even think twice about placing cameras over cash registers, using RFID technology in employee badges to automatically track arrival and departure times, putting GPS tracking in company vehicles and employee cell phones, doing bookkeeping audits, placing metal or RFID detectors at company exits to prevent inventory from disappearing, searching briefcases, purses and backpacks when leaving work, and installing cameras outside of rooms containing valuable items. Embezzlement countermeasures are a necessary part of any company that wants to stay in business. One of the greatest sources of embezzlement at work is time wasted on personal web surfing. Perhaps the newness of Internet is what causes this reluctance, but eventually companies will learn that to be competitive in the marketplace, you can’t have employees that spend a large part of their day doing personal web surfing at work. With EffectivePro employee monitoring software, you don’t need to see what every employee is doing to find problems. Powerful reporting tools identify the gross offenders. When employees realize you are not virtually looking over their shoulder if they take five minutes to check their stock prices or bank balance, but that the software is scanning for those employees that spend four or five hours a day looking at porn, blogging or playing online games, they won’t feel like their privacy has been invaded. Employee monitoring software like EffectivePro makes good business sense.

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