Personal Web Surfing on Company Time

Your average employee spends over 45 minutes each day doing personal web surfing. This is costing your business around $4000 per employee per year. For a company with 300 employees, this is more than a million dollars per year.

What can companies do? Monitor employee computer activities. This has two benefits:

1- It acts as a deterrent. Similar to enforcing the speed limit on freeways, you don’t need a highway patrol car parked every mile. The fact that you could get a ticket at any given point is enough to make the majority of motorists stay reasonably close to the limit. The fact that an employee could get caught doing excessive personal web surfing is enough to keep the majority of employees in line.

2- It helps identify the problem employee. It’s not the employee that occasionally checks the weather, stock prices or news for a few minutes everyday that you need to worry about. It’s the employee that is spending hours of company time doing personal web surfing.

EffectivePro can not only monitor your employees, but it can help you find the major offenders with summary reports to help save your company money from employee ineffectiveness.

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